What it takes to be a marketing consultant


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Business marketing is complex, competitive and challenging

The world of businesses marketing is incredibly competitive and with many thousands of small companies vying for attention through increasingly imaginative marketing campaigns, setting yourself up as a marketing consultant can prove challenging but also very rewarding.

If you were to ask the majority of graduates or school leavers what they think a career in marketing means, they’ll probably tell you that working in marketing involves sitting around a big table, coming up with ideas for advertising campaigns.  This couldn’t be further from the truth and to be a successful marketing consultant you’ll need to have the skills and experience to address the specific marketing requirements of a huge range of different companies, brands or services.

A marketing consultant needs to be adaptable

In a nutshell, a marketing consultant needs to be able to turn their hand to a huge range of different marketing projects, from marketing campaigns run on a shoe-string, through to work for multi-national companies with millions of pounds at their disposal.  They also need a diverse portfolio of delivery techniques from animation studios nationwide.  A marketing consultant’s role is to make marketing pay.

The term ‘qualified marketing consultant’ is fairly broad and can encompass marketing project managers, marketing strategists or specialists with each commanding very different fees.

However, first and foremost, a marketing consultant needs to be a skilled listener

Any marketing project – no matter its size or budget – requires a thorough understanding of the company and what they’re trying to achieve.  A number of attributes are required: experience and the knowledge to work out what the company will need to develop a strong marketing strategy that will deliver a sustainable, worthwhile profit.  How a marketing consultant will go about this can range from working out how products or services are presented, through to the development of a set of marketing ideas, designed to get a brand noticed.

The main difference between a marketing consultant and an employed marketer is diversity

Marketing consultants work with a wide range of different companies; of course this variety can also be achieved by working for a marketing agency, but many marketing consultants find that working directly with companies is more rewarding as they can get an in-depth view of a particular business and what makes it tick.  In addition, many marketing agencies are ‘single discipline’ with their expertise covering a particular area such as advertising or web marketing or video production companies Leeds and nationwide based.

A career in digital marketing can be very rewarding

Whilst a career as a marketing consultancy is undeniably rewarding, it does require a huge amount of hard work and dedication.  Clients won’t come to you – getting out there and marketing your services will be crucial to the success of your consultancy.  Selling your services can seem like a slog and the financial uncertainty can prove too stressful for some but get it right and the rewards can be huge.  Seeing clients achieve success as a result of your hard work is pretty hard to beat.


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