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Custom pin badges – advertising you can wear

Whether you are an owners club or organisation requiring pin badges for insignia, whether you are a national company looking for professional and durable company pin badges or whether you are an illustrator or designer, looking to increase awareness of your services through custom enamel pin badges; the versatility of custom pin badges is boundless, we’ll aim to outline your options here so you can make and informed choice on which custom pin badge design is best for you.

BFI Hard Enamel

Custom pin badge know-how

Custom pin badges range in manufacturing cost, normally in relation to their detail or complexity. At the most affordable end of the spectrum we have the humble button badges, popular with bands, teenagers and teenagers bands worldwide. There are PVC badges, resin coated badges and die struck badges right through to enamel badges and extremely detailed 3D die cast badges with their copious shapes, colours and finishes.

Its worth remembering that all that choice effects lots of variables within the custom pin badge production process, different types of badge require different minimum quantities, different lead times and different prices, as do separate companies. Look for companies who make their process criteria clear in the first instance, whilst making the quotation process as simple and easy as possible for you. Badgebase are a London based custom pin badge and embroidered patch company, they offer a comprehensive product range that is fully customisable, with a simple and effective quotation process.

Know a hard enamel pin badge from a die-struck pin badge

If you know the difference between the different custom pin badges out there, then you’ll be able to assess what best suits your needs as a customer, and be in a better position when you approach the manufacturer of your choice.

Enamel Pin Badges

There are two main types of custom enamel pin badges, hard enamel and soft enamel. Hard enamel results in a smooth finished pin badge, the metal of the pin making up the lines of the design and solid enamel filling the gaps in a variety of colours. The enamel and metal is polished resulting in a smooth, hard finish. Soft enamel pin badges have raised lines made of the badge metal with enamel colour filling the recesses.

ME Hard Enamel

3D Die Cast Badges

In the main, custom pin badges are two dimensional with some slight relief line-work as in soft enamel finishing. Its possible to add further relief so that badges appear three dimensional through the die cast technique, where a die with a deeper curve is made so that the metal appears more rounded and raised. Forcing the custom pin badge to appear three dimensional.

Die Struck Pin Badges

Die struck pin badges are similar to enamel pin badges in that they are constructed by raising and recessing metal to create the design. The metal can be plated, polished or finished in a variety of different ways, but they are essentially a no-enamel pin badge. Simpler, minimalist and classic in their appearance.

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