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With the understandable emphasis on digital marketing and social media dominating the marketing landscape, we thought we’d take a look at some old school ideas for getting consumer attention and making sure your brand sticks in your audience’s mind. Funky Muppet, a Leeds based supplier of personalised marketing materials and decoration has offered up some ideas for non-digital marketing approaches that could work for your business. Take a look.

The Shop Doorway Arch

This is a technique that is used to good effect in the image below. Costcutter offer some visual interest to passers by to grab attention. The brand’s colours are mirrored in the choice of balloon colour, offering a professional look and a consistent brand image.

corporate balloons leeds






These are a good bet for new shops opening, or to highlight special events or offers, signalling to the foot fall that there is something new or unusual in a high street. With all the competition for eyeballs in these kinds of retail space, visual appeal such as these balloon arches are a sure fire way to grab some attention.

Personalised Balloons

Balloons are a versatile decorative tool. Along with customising displays with brand colour choices and patterns, with the right facilities they can also be customised to carry brand names, logos and messaging. This is a good way to get your name across to potential customers and client’s in a new way.

These can either be in columns or displays at an event or awards ceremony for example, or are sometimes offered as take away gifts if the audience is right. For family restaurants or attractions this is a good strategy to give children something appealing to take away whilst also offering a reminder to parent’s to call in again.

Displays for Corporate Events and Trade Fairs

Rather like on busy shopping streets, trade fairs are environments with lots and lots of competition for attention from the captive audience. For the largest conferences, with hundreds of stalls set out in several rooms, a tall balloon arch, column or even themed display can protrude above the sea of people attending and sign post your presence. Balloon lettering is another sound option in this regard.

Again in these situations you might find that personalised balloons are a good strategy for making sure you’re remembered. With the complexity of modern displays, with more and more ornate products being produced, theming of balloon displays is also a more popular option. The example below shows a snowflake garland. This is a great option for a snowboarding holiday company at a travel trade fair such as the TNT, for example.

marketing balloons leeds






Alternatively, these Grand Prix flags might make a good display at a motor show or car show room. Be creative in your approach, you’ll be surprised what can be created with balloons. Tie your branding together with a slick and eye catching display to add that final touch of polish to your presentation.

balloons for marketing


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