Make the most of impulse buys through point of sale packaging

credit B S K

credit B S K

It’s well known that well designed, attractive packaging can provide a positive and direct impact upon sales, especially when it comes to those last-minute purchasing decisions that are made at the point of sale. Studies have also shown that when innovative packaging or product display systems are used, this can be an incredibly effective way to increase brand loyalty and make your product stand out from the rest. With this in mind, its well-worth considering whether point of sale packaging could be used to boost your sales and increase profits.

So what exactly is point of sale packaging? A way to display small items next to a till or sales desk, point of sale packaging can be used to display a whole range of different products to encourage customers to make an impulse purchase whilst paying for the rest of their shopping. Most commonly used to display sweets, gum and small items; point of sale packaging is becoming an increasingly popular option with retailers.

The design of point of sale packaging varies greatly, from card-backed blister strips to be hung at the end of shelves, through to leaflet displays and dump bins. The type of point of sale packaging you use will, of course, depend on the size, shape and type of product.

Clip strips are one of the most popular ways to cash in on impulse buys and can be used to display a wide range of products. Ideally suited to sweets, crisps, snacks or any product which is sold in bags, sachets or slim packs, clip strips can be positioned at the end of a shelf, on hangers next to a checkout or even behind a bar in a pub or café. The length of the clip strip can be varied according to where it’s positioned and the strip can be re-stocked as products are sold.

Dump bins are also popular and because they can be made in an almost limitless choice of sizes, shapes and styles. Usually printed with the brand logo of the product inside, dump bins are normally used to display larger items such as DVDS or goods in packets or boxes. The beauty of dump bins lies in their versatility as they can be positioned to catch the eye of the customer next to a checkout, at the store entrance or at the end of a supermarket aisle.

Multi-bay display units offer yet another alternative and can be used to display anything from CDs, DVDs, books or leaflets. Easily positioned on a sales desk or in a reception area, multi-bay units can be pre-printed with your company or brand logo.

Versatile, cost-effective and potentially very lucrative, point of sale packaging could prove a powerful way to boost your sales and increase awareness of your brand. Point of sale packaging is designed to help you get results and if you would like advice packaging your products to make the most of customer impulse-buys, why not contact your local packaging specialist?



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